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Folsom "Easy Riders," 3-22-16 (20 miles)

Easy Riders Bike Ride We really enjoyed this short, scenic biking loop using a combination of Folsom trails, streets, and the American River Bike Trail. The route begins at La Bou at Blue Ravine and Folsom Blvd., and takes you along the Humbug-Willow Creek Trail through the Parkway, the new Johnny Cash Trail, Folsom Lake Crossing, the American River, Historic Folsom, and the Willow Creek Recreation Area.
The route was designed by Ruth and Steve Anderson for a Sacramento Bike Hikers ride. Click below for route sheet and maps:

Route Sheet & Map-pdf
Detail Maps-pdf

Enjoy another Bike Hiker ride-- Ride Schedule

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City of Folsom Trails and Bikeways Map (2016 update)

2016 Folsom Bike Trails Map

Click the map for a downloadable Folsom Bike Map (PDF)

"The Guide to Your Folsom Parkways", by Jim Kirstein

The Guide to Your Folsom Parkways

Jim highlighted the Class 1 bike trails on the City's map publication, named all of the trails in existence or planned at the time of publication (2011), and illustrated each of them on sections of the map.
(Note that the Table of Contents on Page 3 provides clickable links to each of the trails)

Click the map to download the PDF file

Google Earth File of Folsom Trails, by Glenn Hermanson

Google Earth File of Folsom Trails

Another ambitious mapping of Folsom's trails, this time using Google Earth! Glenn created clickable links on the trails which take you to the trail name in the index. Conversely, clicking on a trail name in the index takes you to the location on the map. Although Google Earth is current, Glenn created the links in about 2012, so many of the trails then in the planning stage may have been completed.

To use this file, it is necessary to download it and install Google Earth on your computer (a little extra effort, but worth it!)

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the map to download the Google Earth (KMZ) file;
  2. In your browser, search for Google Earth, open it, and go to "Download Google Earth";
  3. Follow instructions to install Google Earth onto your computer;
  4. The Folsom Trails KMZ file can now be opened through the Google Earth application, or by double-clicking on the KMZ file itself;
  5. You did it, so now enjoy exploring Folsom's trails, as well as rest of the city, surrounding areas, and all of the Google world!

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